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YEM – Your Everyday Money

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YEM Your Everyday Money

The Trading Symbol for Rainbow Currency has been changed from TWNKL to YEM stand for Your Everyday Money, effective from August, 2018.

Rainbow Currency (YEM) is created by more than 3 thousand people (Internet Users) from 157 different countries; this is the Crypto Currency launched by people for people. Rainbow Currency; is controlled and represented by a non-profit Organization called “YEM Foundation” (formerly known as RCF), and it has seven different candidates from seven different continentals to serve people of their continental.

YEM Foundation (formerly known as RCF) is registered in Nevada. Business ID NVZ0171765116, address; Rainbow Currency Foundation 500N Rainbow Blvd #300 Las Vegas, NV89107.

YEM Foundation Board Of Directors 2021

Rainbow Currency (YEM) Has 4 Denominations

  • 1 Rainbow = 1,000,000 YEM
  • 1 Glitter = 1,000 YEM
  • 1000 DAN = 1 YEM
  • 1 DAN = 0.001 YEM

Rainbow Currency (YEM) had its so called; ICO in early 6th Nov 2017 and it ended on 17th Nov 2017, During the ICO period; more than 7 thousand people participated to buy Billions of YEM. Rainbow Currency (YEM) starts to trade in real world crypto market in the last week of November 2017 and still trading in the open market. It is exclusively available at YEM Exchange.

When we look into deep so most of the projects out there are no longer here to stay and we might not find them near future. Because of unreliable business model, very few of them are here to stay for long term and to find those crucial Cryptocurrency projects you have to research and study deeply about their projects.

As we compare YEM to other Cryptocurrencies out there have in mind that this is the currency within the SafeZone as a payment option and on top of that, you get discounts when you pay with YEM. SafeZone is an open network, so more and more businesses are accepting YEM as a payment. SafeZone has a goal to reach (1 Million) businesses very soon within the SafeZone accepting it as a payment option all over the world.

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