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What Is Twnkl Gold Coin

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Twnkl Gold Coin

First understand some key things about gold

  • It’s heavy
  • If you want to only spend a small portion of your gold it can be challenging to make change
  • You need to store it somewhere safe
  • If you travel, it can be hard to bring it with you
  • You have to be mindful of security even more, especially when it is kept in smaller sized portions, like coins or small gold bars, etc. the smaller the bar, the easier it is to steal
  • If you move, it can be a complicated process to bring it with you
  • Gold can also be confiscated by governments, authorities, and others
  • Gold can be faked or have lower quality, the most pure gold is rated 99.99% pure

What about buying gold, we see offers all the time, how hard can it be?

  • It’s not about how hard it is, although if you’ve never purchased it before, you could get taken advantage of by people selling fake or low quality gold or you may pay higher prices.

How is gold sold, does it just follow the value on the market known as the “spot price”?

  • No, to buy gold you generally will pay the spot price you see quoted on the market and on top you will pay additional fees.
  • For example, the current gold value today is about 60 USD per gram and if you were to purchase it, you would end up paying 75-80 USD in the end for the same 1 gram of gold. If you want to pay less fees, you need to buy more gold, a lot more if you want to get close to the spot price.


Twnkl Gold Coin

So how do you buy gold at a good rate without having to buy a ton of it at once? How do you make owning gold more secure, convenient, and more owner friendly?

Digitized gold with the Twnkl Gold Coin!

  • Trading symbol: TGC
  • TGC is backed by real gold
  • 1 TGC = 1 gram of gold value
  • Can buy digitized gold at market rate
  • Cheapest way to buy gold
  • Save costs with no middleman or other added fees!
  • Plus discounts available for first 5000 TGC sold (5kg of gold value)
  • Plus can pay for up to 10% with YEM
  • Plus can get 10% YEM cashback if purchase made 100% with fiat currency
  • Plus all the benefits of digitized gold!

What are the benefits of digitized gold through the TGC?

  • Wherever you are, your gold is there with you because TGC are stored in your PerNum Wallet, you can access your TGC anywhere, anytime
  • Remember it was previously announced that the PerNumPay API is being updated to allow direct payments to sellers with TGC through the
  • PerNumPay app
  • Future updates as announced on Nov 11 webinar detailed a virtual debit card (Visa or Master Card) where you can spend money directly from your
  • PerNum Multiwallet directly at online shops and through apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • TGC is safe and secure in your PerNum wallet with the highest level of security through the SafeZone – be sure to keep your login info safe (especially your Master PIN) and you are secure

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