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We Share Success is our rewards center in the SafeZone. Every Member is Automatically qualified to receive rewards for their activities within the SafeZone.

WSS - The Perfect Compensation Plan

Overview Distribution

Compensation Percentage Commission
25% Passive Commission
25% Active Commission
25% Family Bonus
10% Global Success Pool
10% Personal Success Pool

This is the highest value in the industry. 95% of the commission available is paid to the members.
Only 5% is kept for the company costs to distribute.

WSS Compensation Plan

Description Of Commission Types

Type Code
You always get a Passive Commission when a registered member/customer/partner (1st Generation) buys something within the SafeZone. PC
You Receive an Active Commission whenever someone buys something via your Personal referral link. This person does not have to be in your 5 Generation Family AC
You receive a Family Bonus whenever someone from 5-generation Family receives an AC or PC has sold something FB
The top 100 earners receive the pro rata distribution from the Global Success Pool once a year.
The basis of assessing the global ranking is the total amount of the family bonus. The GSP is limited to a maximum of USD 1 million per person!
A top bonus for absolute professionals.
The Personal Success Pool offers great success bonuses in the form of real assets and cash.
Here everyone finds his own pace and personal limit.
No ranking, no competition, no time constraints.
Just set your own goals…

WSS Personal Success Pool

PSP Goals

Goal #1 US$ 1,000 Commission US$ 100 Shopping Voucher
Goal #2 US$ 10,000 1 Smartphone worth US$ 1,000
Goal #3 US$ 25,000 1 Notebook or PC worth US$ 2,500
Goal #4 US$ 50,000 A Wristwatch worth US$ 5,000
Goal #5 US$ 100,000 Shopping Spree worth US$ 10,000
Goal #6 US$ 250,000 A World Tour worth US$ 25,000
Goal #7 US$ 500,000 1 Unicorn Gold Coin worth US$ 50,000
Goal #8 US$ 1 Million A Luxury Car worth US$ 100,000
Goal #9 US$ 2.5 Million US$ 250,000 CASH
Goal #10 US$ 5 Million US$ 500,000 CASH
Goal #11 US$ 10 Million US$ 1,000,000 CASH

WSS Compensation Plan

Additional Information – Notes

GSP: If the Global Success Pool exceeds 100 million of course more than the top 100 members will participate. The limit of 1 million refers to the person, but not to the possible size of the pool. This means that no one can receive more than US$ 1 million from the GSP, but an unlimited number of people can participate.
FB: The total rate of 25% for the family bonus is made up of 2 x 12.5%, each of which is attributable to the AC and PC.
PSP: The respective levels do not have to be climbed anew each time, but add up successively (accumulation). For example, if you have reached goal #1 with US$ 1,000 commission, you no longer need US$ 10,000 to the next level, but only another US$ 9,000, and so on. You alone determine the timetable for achieving these goals.
The Distribution Key always refers to the commission shown on the purchase price.

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