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SafeZone Starts Own Verification System

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New Exciting Verification Service!
Before you start your verification through SafeIdent, please check your data in your SafeZone profile for completeness and correctness. If your Uploaded Documents POI and POA (Proof Of Identity and Proof Of Address) have become invalid? In the meantime, please Upload current documents.

SafeIdent Verification

For trading assets (e.g. YEM), as well as offering/selling goods and services, it is essential within SafeZone to undergo a verification process. With this identity verification, SafeZone not only ensures to comply with all legal requirements of KYC (Know You Customers) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws, but also offers each individual the security of doing business with real people (e.g. on the YEMBIDS auction platform).

Initial walking attempts in this area (since May 2020) have left room for improvement, as the previous strategic partner was obviously not sufficiently qualified for this task. For example, members in specific countries could not be considered. A myriad of differentiated problems of a technical nature also kept cropping up. So the decision was made to set up an in-house verification system and to become independent of external services of this kind.

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