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Liquid Asset Management

Likquid Dual Listing

Actually, it should “only” be a solution to leave the YEMCHAIN and vice versa, with the values of other blockchains (eg Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) to enter the YEMCHAIN. Research and development was done under the project name “Bridgecoin”, but once again they saw how unsafe it would be to cooperate with a conventionally listed coin – especially in terms of value stability. So why not create a new coin with which the balancing act succeeds?

In the end, a simple idea became a gigantic solution. Take a crypto coin, list it on a traditional blockchain, and equally convert it into a YEMCHAIN-compatible token…

Likquid Digital Market Making

Dual Listing

Likquid Coin, LAM Asset Management, YEM Investment

With the Dual Listing technique it goes both ways and there is nothing standing in the way of wealth creation. LIQ stands for the entry into the YEM world, while LIQY enables the way in the other direction.

Likquid Dual System
Features and goals of the LIQ and the Likquid platform

  • Likquid enters with the goal of being the world’s largest market maker and activist fund
  • A strong asset base for the Likquid Coin (LIQ) enables YEM holders to generate returns
  • LIQ creates liquidity for all assets backed by LIQY

Other key data:

  • 100,000,000 coins in circulation
  • Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20) based.
  • Will be listed on a European exchange in approximately week 9 2021
  • Aims to list LIQ on Coinmarketcap in Q2 and Q3 2021
  • Will be marketed to third parties, further generating liquidity as a yield coin

Earn money

Likquid is connected to the SafeZone affilate program WeShareSuccess. This means commissions and bonuses on 5 levels.

Additional features:

  • Increase in value of your personal share
  • Increase in value of your YEM and LIQY

WeShareSuccess Commissions Bonuses

Special opportunities:

  • 20% additional value for deposits to the LAM program (staking). In practice, this means that you can buy BTC for as little as 80% of the price!
  • 45000 USD Down Guarantee on BTC Deposits. Let people know that after 12 months you will get a down guarantee – for free!
  • 25% loan spread on BTC!

These are sales tools!

Investing has never been so much fun.



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